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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do you look at during the approval process
    Harbor reviews all applicant’s previous rental or ownership records, references, income, third party credit reports and verifies employment. All applicants must fully complete the application and provide all required documentation.
  • How will I know if I've been approved?
    Harbor processes completed applications in a timely manner. A Harbor representative will contact you via phone call and email after review. You will be informed if your application has been approved or denied. If your application is approved, all residents will receive a lease electronically. At that time, all residents or guarantors will be required to sign and provide first month’s rent plus any additional fee.
  • How do I submit routine maintenance requests?
    To submit a maintenance request, log onto your Resident Portal account through our website at By logging onto your account, you can submit a maintenance request as well as viewing updated information on any past tickets you have submitted. This is the best way to keep track of the progress on your request.
  • Do I have to be present for maintenance work performed in my unit?
    No, but you are more than welcome to observe. Many requests can be handled by Harbor’s maintenance team. If we can’t handle it, we will hire an outside vendor and let you know when they are scheduled to arrive. Please note if the situation is deemed to be a risk to the property or to other units, we will access the apartment whether you are there or not.
  • My application is approved. When can I move in?
    Harbor requires full payment for 1st month’s rent, all move-in fees, prior to a resident’s move-in/possession of the apartment. Residents should expect to move-in no earlier than 12PM noon on the first day of their lease. Upon move-in, your Move-In Inspection form, located on page 5 of your Resident Handbook, must be completed.
  • What happens if my rent check or auto-payment is returned?
    We follow the guidelines outlined in your lease and in the City of Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance, so please be prepared for the addition of late fees and possible eviction.
  • My lease is expiring soon. What should I expect?
    We will be in contact with you 75-90 days prior to your lease end date. We may send you a letter with a reminder and ask for updated information or send the actual lease renewal. If we do not receive any response, we will begin marketing the apartment to others 60 days prior to your lease end date or until a new lease is signed. If you do not hear from us, at least 60 days prior to your lease expiration, please contact us.
  • What am I responsible for as a tenant?
    Please review your lease and Resident Handbook for your responsibilities as a resident.
  • How do I arrange to get the utilities turned on?
    To ensure you have power for your move-in, please have electric start one day prior to your lease start date. Please contact all applicable utility companies as soon as possible to establish service in your name. If possible, we recommend completing this at least 14 days prior to your move in date. It is the sole responsibility of the Tenant(s) to schedule a time with the utility companies to set up service. If Tenant(s) do not have direct access to the meters they will need to follow these guidelines: Schedule an appointment between 10am- 4pm during the work week (Monday through Friday). Provide the maintenance department notice (via phone or email) of the day and time at least 24 hours prior to the appointment so they can arrange access. (312) 216-0042 or Give the utility company the office phone number (312) 216-0042 with instructions to If you are responsible for electric utility, please call ComEd at (800) 334-7661 to register electricity in your/your roommate’s name. Or visit them online at If you are responsible for gas utility, please contact People’s Gas: (866) 556-6001 to register gas in your/your roommate’s name. Or visit them online at Tenant must send a screenshot, .pdf or e-mail copy to Harbor’s Director of Property Management or Harbor Assistant Property Managers for all necessary utility companies showing the utility has been changed into their name prior to move-in/receiving keys.
  • Where can I get information on your available properties?
    All available units are marketed online via Zillow,, Zumper, and other online resources. If you are interested in finding out a comprehensive list of available units, please contact your Harbor representative.
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