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Welcome to
Harbor Property Management, LLC

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Classic Buildings.
Convenient Locations.
Caring Ownership.


Why Call Harbor Your Home?

Desirable locations. Reasonable rents. Responsive service.  Harbor is committed to the satisfaction of every resident we serve.  Harbor’s properties are a collection of small to mid-sized apartment buildings in some of Chicago’s finest neighborhoods.


Harbor owns and operates its own properties.  You won’t be dealing with a slow-to-respond third-party management company.  We are responsive and care about the quality of the property. It’s the right thing to do for our residents and aligns with our goal of long-term ownership of our buildings.  Our 24-hour online portal also allows residents to pay rent online and submit any work order at any time with a quick response time. We strive to make your Harbor apartment feel like home.

Our Company

Harbor is a Chicago-based company that owns and operates its own properties, we are uniquely qualified to do so.  We offer residents a place to call home and emphasize service with a personal touch. 

Our Residences

We've rehabbed Chicago's elegant historic architecture.  Our apartments balance classic charm with modern amenities. Every apartment boasts an attractive and comfortable living space.


Check out Harbor’s apartments to view all of our properties and availability

Our Neighborhoods

One of the greatest things about Chicago is it’s a city with soul. Chicago’s streets, neighborhoods and buildings have a rich history. Charming streets, parks and beaches, the best culture, dining and shopping...leisurely days at home and stylish nights on the town. Our apartments offer the elite areas to live, work and play.

The Harbor Advantage

Our South Side Properties

Our North Side Properties

Satisfied Customers

The guys at Harbor truly understand the needs of a renter and make sure that they create a pleasant experience for us. I have found a Gem as a rentor.

Dave R.

Harbor and James have the ability and expertise to make sure everything is hassle-free. They are upfront in their approach and take their time to explain everything. Great job, Harbor.

Amelia B.

I spoke to James on the phone and his calm demeanor just made things so much better for me. He spoke to me about my requirements and made sure I had all the information I needed. The process was a breeze.

James C.

Let's Find
Your Next Home

Check out all our listings and fill out your details. A member of our team will reach out to you soon.

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